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The Bible is loaded with messages of hope, stories with valuable lessons, and concepts that define who we are in Christ. So, how does one make such heavy concepts relatable to children? Well, what better way than to bring God’s word to life? 


Check out these six Bible apps that will not only let your child experience the Bible, but also help him or her learn key biblical concepts. Continue reading to see which app(s) is the best for your child:

1. The Beginner’s Bible App

This popular Bible storybook can be downloaded on your iPad. Take a look at why the Beginner’s Bible App could be good for your kid:

  • Packed with 94 Bible storiesbible-apps-children
  • Comes with narration, sound effects, and music
  • Caters for kids between the ages of 2-6
  • Includes colouring pages, puzzles, and other games
  • Offers the first ‘Story Pack’ for FREE

Loaded with Bible stories and kid-friendly features, the Beginner’s Bible App could be just what you’re looking for! Check out other cool features of the Beginner’s Bible App right HERE.

2. Superbook Kids Bible App

Born out of the Emmy-nominated Superbook series, the Superbook Kids Bible App makes the Word come to life with exciting videos and stunning images. Here’s what this app has in store for your child:

  • Features 14 full-length, free episodes from the Superbook seriesbible-apps-children
  • Provides profiles of people, places, and artefacts found in the Bible
  • Loaded with videos and interactive content
  • Includes answers to many questions that children ask about the Bible

Let your child dive into a whole new world and experience the Bible like never before. Explore the Superbook Kids Bible App right HERE.

3. Adventure Bible Games for Kids

The Adventure Bible Games for Kids app teaches God’s word through exciting games. Here are a few key features of this app:

  • Includes six games like Bible trivia and Hangmanbible-apps-children
  • Teaches kids about the people, places, and events in the Bible
  • Helps children memorise the books of the Bible

Give your child a chance to explore the Bible through fun games. Check out the app HERE.

4. Bible Adventures for Kids 

Designed for kids aged 7 or younger, the Bible Adventures for Kids app comes with 10 favourite Bible stories – from David and Goliath to Paul in the Prison. Check out what else this app offers your child:

  • Comes with features such as read-to-me and read-by-myselfbible-apps-children
  • Includes 20 interactive games
  • Offers touch-animated stories
  • Equipped with sound effects and music
  • Adapted from the Contemporary English Version of the Bible

There is a whole new world awaiting your child in the Bible Adventures for Kids app. All he or she needs to do is “tap” into it! Explore the Bible Adventures for Kids app for yourself HERE.

5. David vs. Goliath 

Winner of the App of the Year in 2014, David vs. Goliath app makes the adventurous story of the beloved shepherd boy come to life. Check out what makes this app a winner:


  • Offers immersive story chapters that include over 100 achievements and seven mini-games
  • Retells David’s story using activities and challenges
  • Comes with stunning animation, original music, narration, and a game center

Why not let your child walk alongside David and relive this beloved story? Check out the David vs. Goliath app HERE.

6. Bible App for Kids 

With over 14 million downloads in less than 3 years, this newest app from YouVersion and OneHope has become the favourite of families worldwide. And, for good reason! It is packed with interactive activities, engaging content, rich visuals, and more. Take a look at why the Bible App for Kids can be perfect for your child:

  • Includes 40+ Bible storiesbible-apps-children
  • Offers touch-activated animation
  • Includes fun facts, activities, and challenges
  • Provides an easy, kid-friendly navigation
  • Allows both read-to-me and read-by-myself options
  • Available in 20+ languages including Hindi

You can give your kid a chance to journey through popular stories from the book of Genesis to Revelation with the Bible App for Kids. In fact, parents across the globe are loving the way the Bible App for Kids is introducing their little ones to the Bible.

You can also join millions of parents and get the FREE Bible App for Kids, so that your child can experience God’s word like never before. Click the button below to download the app today! 

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