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Wouldn’t you like to teach your kids about key concepts such as temptation, sin, and disobedience in a way that is both impactful and easy to understand? Well, the Bible App for Kids can be the perfect learning tool for your child.


The app has over 40 stories from the Bible that not only simplify big biblical concepts for children, but also make reading and learning a memorable experience for them. So, how can you use the Bible App for Kids to teach your little one about temptation and disobedience? You can start by introducing him or her to the app’s second story, The First Sin.

Let’s take a look at how this story will take your child on an exploration of the Garden of Eden, while introducing him or her to valuable life lessons.

Story: The First Sinsin1
Theme: The Fall
Scripture: Genesis 3:1-24

The second story in the app, The First Sin, will take your child back to the time when man took his first step towards sin and disobedience. In the next few sections we will see how this interactive story will help your child grasp key biblical concepts, and engage his or her sense of sound, sight, and touch to offer a memorable experience.

Learn by observing:

Apart from being loaded with vibrant colours and imagery, this story is packed with visual treats to support your kid’s learning experience. Here’s what your child can learn by just watching this story come to life:

  • Your children will understand that disobedience is a bad thing when they see the animals’ reactions in different sections of the story. For example, the animals look worried when the serpent tempts Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. In fact, expressions play a crucial part in conveying different messages throughout the story.


  • Your kids will learn that disobedience is actually a sin and can have serious consequences. For instance, the story shows Adam and Eve hiding their faces in disappointment when the angel banishes them from the Garden of Eden.

Learn by listening:

A visual experience is not complete without sound effects. Therefore, the story uses dynamic narration and effects to support the rich visuals. For example, the story features four different voices, one each for the serpent, Adam, Eve, and God, to enhance your child’s listening experience.

Learn by interacting:

If the app’s rich imagery and lively narration does not impress you, the touch-activated animation most certainly will! Your kids will have plenty of opportunities to interact with the different characters in the story.

  • Your children will learn that disobedience is not acceptable when they tap the animals and see their heads shake in disapproval of Adam and Eve’s action.
  • They will also learn that making the wrong choice leads to shame. For example, the story shows Adam and Eve crying in shame after their act of disobedience.


  • Along with learning valuable lessons about disobedience and sin, your child will also be encouraged to memorise the story by answering different questions.


Learn with parents:

Your child’s interaction with this story need not end with the app. You can help your child reflect on this story by asking him or her these questions:

1. What does disobedience mean?

2. Why is it bad to disobey?

3. What happens when you disobey?

4. How does God react to disobedience?

5. How can you become more obedient in your daily life?

In fact, you can also use the FREE online resources such as video episodes, Adventure Books, and parent guides on the app’s website to help your child practise the lessons learnt from the different stories on the app.

Download the Bible App for Kids right away and give your children an opportunity to explore God’s word on their own.

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