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All Christian parents, like you, want to introduce their little ones to the Bible early on in life. Well, YouVersion and OneHope have created just the tool to make your child fall in love with God’s word. Welcome to the Bible App for Kids!


This app takes your child through a delight-filled biblical adventure through more than 40 interactive stories. Today, let’s take a look at how the Bible App for Kids can help your child explore the first BIG story of the Bible.

Story: In the Beginning bible-app-kids
Theme: Creation of the World
Scripture: Genesis 1:1-2:4

The app’s first story, In the Beginning, will take your child through the first seven days of creation, as narrated from the book of Genesis. In the next few sections, we will highlight the top story lessons, key features, as well as questions that you can ask your child at the end of the story.

Five valuable lessons for your child:

This interactive Bible story not only makes for a fun read, but also offers valuable lessons for your little one. Here are the top five ways in which this story will bless your child:

  • Your child will be encouraged to pause, look around and marvel at the amazing works of creation. Right from the sun, moon and stars to all the animals, trees and flowers!


  • The touch-activated animations will help your little one to learn about the sounds and behaviours of different animals. A touch on the screen gets elephants to trumpet, fish to splash, and monkeys to eat bananas!
  • Your child will also learn that the day brings light and the night brings darkness. This knowledge will let him or her realise that since God created the night, there is no need to be afraid of the dark.
  • The app takes children on a journey through outer space where they can learn about the different stars and planets in the solar system.


  • Most importantly, this interactive story will help your child understand that God made all people in His image – as His most special creation. Your child will learn that God made us to take charge of the world and care for all the plants and animals in it.

Key features of the app:

Here are some of the app’s cool features that stand out in this interactive creation story:

  • The kid-friendly navigation, lively narrative style, and touch-activated animations make this Genesis story come to life.


  • In addition, the hidden gems, fun facts, and activities help kids remember what they hear and see.
  • The vibrant colours and simplified language make the content engaging and easy to understand for children.

Questions for later:

Once your child has gone through this story, here are a few questions that you can encourage him or her to answer:

1. Who made the earth, the sky, the moon, and the planets?

2. What about the trees, grass, and flowers? Who made them?

3. What was the most special thing that God created?

4. Who made you?

5. Why did God make people?

6. Did God make anyone else just like you?

7. Whom does God love the most?

And finally, here’s an easy memory verse for your child:

“How you made me is amazing and wonderful!” – Psalm 139:14 (NIRV)

Is there a better way to make the Bible come alive for your little one?

The Bible App for Kids is one of the best learning apps for your child. And, it will most certainly make your child fall in love with God’s word! Click the button below to get this FREE app today.

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