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The Bible App for Kids showcases many Bible heroes across 40+ interactive Bible stories. What’s more, each of their lives will reveal many valuable life lessons to your child. For instance, your child will learn obedience from Abraham, steadfastness in faith from Daniel, and fearlessness from David.

This app also features Ruth’s story to inspire your child to be more obedient and faithful to both God and his or her family members. Take a look at what lessons this story has in store for your child.


Story: Wherever You Gobible-stories-obedience
Theme: Ruth
Scripture: Ruth 1-2, 4:9-17

This story will show your child how Ruth and her mother-in-law, Naomi, stuck together despite their hardships. Here are a few key lessons that your little one will learn by reading the story Wherever You Go:

  • Your child will learn that, unlike Orpah, Ruth decided to be with her mother-in-law even after the famine in Israel had passed. Your kid will realise that it was not easy for Ruth to move to a foreign land. This will help your child understand that it is important to honour the elders in the family even when it’s not easy.
  • Your little one will go on to see how the two women had to fend for themselves. In fact, your kid can tap the screen to help Ruth gather grains from the field. This will teach your child the value of hard work.


  • Soon, your kid can touch the screen to watch Boaz give food to Ruth and hear him ask the workers to watch over her. This will help your child realise that God always protects and provides for His people.
  • Towards the end of the story, your child will learn that Ruth was the great-grandmother of David. As a result, your child will learn that Ruth was part of Jesus’ genealogy. In fact, your child can tap the screen to watch the next generations jump to life.


  • At the end of the story, you can explain to your child that God had orchestrated all the events in Ruth’s life so that she could be a part of God’s grand plan. This will help your child realise that God is in control of all our circumstances. Moreover, your kid will learn that God can use the circumstances in his or her life for His glory, too!

Ruth is just one of the Bible heroes that comes alive in this app. The Bible App for Kids will also introduce your child to Moses, Esther, Daniel, Paul, and many other biblical characters.

So, download the Bible App for Kids today and let your child learn valuable lessons from these biblical characters. Click the button below and get the app today!

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