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Parents, do you want your children to know, love, and follow Jesus? Are you looking to introduce your son or daughter to the gospel in a simple yet impactful way?

Well, this blog is the answer to your prayers! Today, we are going to explore how the Bible App for Kids will introduce your little one to the gospel in a fun way.


This app’s last story God’s Good News will take your child on an interactive biblical journey – right from the Garden of Eden to New Jerusalem. Let’s take a look at what this story has in store for your little one:

Story: God’s Good Newsgospel-story-kids
Theme: Be Part of the Story

This story captures the key highlights of the gospel in five engaging minutes. Let’s see how this story will introduce your kid to 10 crucial milestones of God’s big story:

1. The perfect world:

The opening scene of God’s Good News will take your child to the Garden of Eden. He or she will learn that God is our creator and made everything perfect when He created the world. Your child can touch the screen and watch Adam and Eve living in harmony and peace with all the animals in a beautiful world.


Another key lesson that your child will learn is that God made us in His image to have a relationship with Him.

2. Sin, disobedience, and shame creeps in:

Your child will soon see how sin brought death and broke our perfect relationship with God. This will help your child realise that the devil tempts us to sin, in order to ruin our relationship with God.


Your child will see how Adam and Eve’s sin ruined God’s perfect world! In fact, he or she can tap the screen to see the sadness, shame, and guilt on Adam and Eve’s faces. This will help your son or daughter realise that a life without God is one filled with guilt, shame, and unhappiness. Click here to see how this engaging story will equip your child to resist and overcome temptation.

3. A world of sinners:

As this story progresses, it will show your child how sin and evil spread throughout the world. Your son or daughter can even tap the screen to see people fighting, stealing, bullying, and misbehaving.


Your child will realise that people stopped obeying God and turned away from their creator. At this point, you can explain to your kid that God hates sin and disobedience. In fact, you can read how the story A Hairy Tale will encourage your child to be more obedient.

4. God makes a plan:

Your child will soon learn that God loved us so much that He made a plan to save us – in spite of our sins! This is where your kid will be introduced to the infant Jesus.

He or she will certainly enjoy tapping the screen to get all the animals to move and make sounds. In fact, your child can also touch baby Jesus and watch Him gurgle!


5. Jesus’ perfect life:

This story will also give your kid a glimpse of Jesus’ life and ministry. He or she will learn how Jesus healed the sick, loved others unconditionally, and welcomed lonely people. This will surely inspire your child to be more selfless and compassionate like Jesus was.

That’s not all! Your little one will also see Jesus heal the paralysed man. He or she can tap the screen to watch the healed man jump with joy and the crowd break into a celebration!

gospel-story-kids6. The ultimate sacrifice:

This story will go on to teach your child that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, even though He never sinned Himself. The animated, yet powerful imagery of Jesus hanging on the cross will help your child grasp the concept of God’s great love for us.


Parents, you can further explain to your child that Jesus’ death on the cross was the only way that our relationship with God could be fixed. This will help your child realise that Jesus died on the cross for him or her, so that he or she could enjoy a relationship with God.

7. Victory over death:

This story will also take your child back in time to witness the very first Easter Sunday! He or she will learn that Jesus defeated death, rose again on the third day, and continues to live forever.

Your kid will see the risen Jesus spend time with His disciples. In fact, your little one can tap the screen and watch Jesus point to His wounds to convince the disciples that He is indeed the risen Lord.


8. A special gift:

Further, the story God’s Good News will introduce your kid to the Holy Spirit. In a matter of a few seconds, your child will learn that Jesus did not leave us alone, but sent His Spirit to live inside everyone who trusts Him.

Moreover, your child will learn that the Holy Spirit is no ordinary spirit! In fact, He gives us power to live the way God has created us to be. Your child can learn more about who the Holy Spirit is in the app’s story God’s Wonderful Gift.


9. The New Heaven and Earth:

Towards the end of this story, your child will get a glimpse of what the New Earth will look like when Jesus returns. He or she can watch and hear people enjoy themselves in a world full of joy, happiness, and peace.


In addition, your kid will learn that only those who trust Jesus will live with Him forever. This will encourage your child to grow in his or her faith.

10. An invitation for your child:

This story ends with an invitation for your little one to be a part of God’s story. Your child will see Jesus talk and play with other little kids like himself or herself on the screen. This will show your child that Jesus loves kids!


That’s not all, this story will also lead your kid to the Bible App, to help your son or daughter take his or her first few steps towards reading the Word.

Is there a more engaging way for your child to learn the gospel? The Bible App for Kids will introduce your kid to the Good News in a powerful way. So, download this free app today and send your little one on a delight-filled biblical adventure.

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