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Who is the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit do? How can I experience the Holy Spirit?

Wouldn’t it be great if you kid could answer such key questions from a young age? Well, the Bible App for Kids has just the story to help your child discover the Holy Spirit in an unforgettable way. Keep reading to see how this interactive app presents the story of the Holy Spirit’s manifestation from the New Testament.


Story: God’s Wonderful Giftholy-spirit-kids
Theme: The Holy Spirit comes
Scripture: Acts 2:1-47

The story God’s Wonderful Gift is a powerful illustration of how the Holy Spirit came down upon His followers at the Feast of Pentecost. As your child reads this story, he or she will not only discover who the Holy Spirit is, but also witness what it feels like to be filled with God’s Spirit. Let’s take a look at how this interactive story will help your child explore answers to the most basic questions related to the Holy Spirit:

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Your child will hear Peter say that the Holy Spirit is God’s gift to us that comes through Jesus, the Messiah. Parents, this provides a great opportunity for you to tell your child that the Holy Spirit is as much God as Jesus and the Father are.

What can the Holy Spirit do?

This story recreates the scene where the Holy Spirit gives people the power to proclaim God’s wonderful deeds in different languages. This will show your son or daughter that the Holy Spirit enables people to testify and glorify God’s name.

In addition, your child will observe the people’s expressions change from pensive to joyous when they are filled with the Spirit. This will help your child realise that the Holy Spirit brings His people joy, love, and peace. At this point, you can further explain to your child that God gives us the Holy Spirit to be our helper and comforter.

That’s not all! The Bible App for Kids has another story that reveals more about the characteristics of the Holy Spirit. In the story A Test in the Desert, your child will see the Holy Spirit lead Jesus to the desert. This will help your child understand that God’s Spirit can be his or her guide, too!


How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?

This story uses life-like animation to recreate the scene where Peter tells the people to turn away from evil and believe in Jesus Christ, in order to receive the Holy Spirit. This will reveal to your little one that people can be filled with the Spirit when they believe in Jesus as their saviour.

What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit?

This story will also show your child how people were baptised in the Spirit once they accepted Jesus as their saviour. This will help your kid understand that being filled with the Spirit means to become born again, with the Holy Spirit living inside us. In addition, your child can tap the screen to witness the baptism of a young girl. In fact, this is a good opportunity to teach your child about the significance of baptism.

Will I be able to see the Holy Spirit?

This story will show your child that the Holy Spirit manifests itself in different ways. Your kid can hear the howling wind and see the flames sway at the tap of a finger. This will surely be a powerful image of the Holy Spirit’s power for your child. Perhaps your son or daughter will witness the Holy Spirit in a similar manner someday!


Why not ask your child if he or she would also like to be filled with God’s Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is God’s wonderful gift to us! The Bible App for Kids uses life-like animation, rich imagery, and apt sound effects to help children learn about the Holy Spirit in an easy, yet effective way.

In fact, your kid can learn more about God, His love, His teachings, and other biblical truths through the Bible App for Kids. Especially designed for little ones between the ages of 2-8 years, this app will teach your child over 40 biblical stories and key concepts such as Fruit of the Spirit and Armour of God.

Download the Bible App for Kids today, and give your child an opportunity to dig deeper into God’s word.

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