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Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations in any Christian home. After all, it is celebrated as the day on which God gave us His most precious gift!

However, most children associate Christmas with decorated trees, Santa Claus, gifts, and carols. So, how can parents like you teach your child(ren) the real meaning behind Christmas? Well, the story The First Christmas Gift in the Bible App for Kids can help you put “Christ” back into “Christmas.” Let’s see how!


Story: The First Christmas Giftchristmas-story-kids
Theme: Jesus is born
Scripture: Luke 1:26-38; 2:1-20; Matthew 1:18-25

This story will allow your child to journey along with Mary and Joseph and witness the moment when Jesus was born! What’s more, he or she will learn these valuable lessons in the course of this journey:

  • The very first scene will show your little one how angel Gabriel announced the news of Jesus’ birth to Mary. In fact, he or she can touch the screen to watch Mary react in shock. This will teach your child that Mary conceived through the Holy Spirit.
  • Soon, your child will hear the angel tell Joseph, “her baby will be God’s son.” This will teach your child that God sent His most prized possession, His son, as a gift for all of us.


  • Your child will also set out on a journey with Mary and Joseph as they travel to Bethlehem. Parents, take this opportunity to tell your children that Jesus was born in Bethlehem to fulfill Micah’s prophecy made many years ago. This will teach your child that God always keeps His word.
  • Your kid will see that Jesus was born in a stable. What’s more, your little one can tap the screen to tickle baby Jesus and make Him laugh. At this point, you can explain to your son or daughter that God wanted His son to be born in humility even though Jesus is the Prince of Peace. This will encourage your child to walk in humility, just as Jesus did.
  • As the story continues, your child will learn that ordinary shepherds were the first to receive the Good News. This will show your child that the marginalised have a special place in God’s Kingdom. As a result, he or she will learn to respect the poor.


  • Moreover, your kid will hear the angel address Jesus as the saviour! This will teach your kid that God sent His son to save us from our sins.
  • Finally, your child can tap the screen to see the shepherds and townsfolk rejoice and praise God for what He had done. This will encourage your child to celebrate Christ’s birth with praise and thanksgiving in his or her heart!


The First Christmas Gift paints a clear picture of the true meaning of Christmas. Not only will your child watch the story of Jesus’ birth come alive, but also learn why Christmas is an important event.

Jesus’ birth is just one of the crucial events that is explained to your child in this app. The Bible App for Kids also simplifies the Last Supper, crucifixion, and ascension for children aged 2-8.

So, download the Bible App for Kids and let your child discover the many truths that God’s word reveals. Click the button below and get the app today!

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