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Parents, are you looking for a way to simplify the story of the cross for your children? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The Bible App for Kids retells the story of God’s ultimate sacrifice in a way that is both engaging and thought-provoking. Keep reading to learn how this app will help your child learn about the cross and what it stands for.


Story: It Is Finishedteach-child-cross-story
Theme: The Cross
Scripture: John 18:28-19:42; Luke 23:34-35

The story It Is Finished will take your child back in time so that he or she can witness the greatest sacrifice of all time. In the process, your little one will learn valuable lessons and discover key characteristics about God that will help shape his or her values for life. Let’s take a look at what this story has in store for your child:

What your child will learn about God:

  • Jesus was not afraid: The very first scene of this story reveals that Jesus was not afraid to speak the truth in spite of knowing the consequences. Likewise, your kid will learn to be honest even in difficult situations.


  • God is dependable: Your little one will see that Jesus depended on God for strength to go through this tough time. Similarly, your kid will learn to put his or her trust in God when he or she faces a hard time.
  • God is forgiving: Your child will hear Jesus say “Forgive them, Father,” which will help him or her learn the importance of forgiveness. As a result, your kid will learn to be more forgiving towards others.
  • Jesus came to die for us: Your kid will notice that Jesus did not resist anyone, right from Pilate who questioned Him to the soldiers who taunted Him. Moreover, your child will understand what Jesus meant when He said “It is finished.” Your child will realise that Jesus died for him or her as well.


  • God loves us: Although the story of the cross does not have a happy ending, it will speak volumes about God’s love for your child. In fact, your little one will learn that God loves him or her unconditionally.

What your child will witness in this story:

Like all the other Bible stories in the app, The Story of the Cross has touch-activated animations and sound effects that will elevate the learning experience for your child.

Your child will realise that Jesus had to deal with great hardships in order to save us as he or she hears the angry shouts of the mob. Moreover, your little one will understand that Jesus is as much human as He is God when he or she will see Him struggle to carry the cross.

These animations provide a great opportunity for you to reiterate the fact that Jesus went through this pain because He loves us.


What your child can reflect on afterwards:

The story of the cross is one of the harder Bible stories for kids to understand. Therefore, it’s a good idea to encourage your little one to reflect on a few questions so that he or she can fully grasp what the cross means. Consider asking your child these questions:

1. Did Pilate want Jesus to be punished?

2. What happened to Jesus before He was put on the cross?

3. What did Jesus say to show that He had completed what He came to do?

4. Why did Jesus die on the cross?

5. What happened to Jesus’ body after He died?

6. How can you love like Jesus?

The story of Jesus dying on the cross is just one of the many Bible stories that is brought to life in this app. In fact, over 40+ exciting biblical adventures waiting to be explored by your kid.

Your kid can ride the waves with Noah, part the Red Sea with Moses, journey alongside Paul, and much more! In the process, your child will pick up valuable life lessons that will help shape his or her identity in Christ. Parents, all you need to do is download this app on your mobile device and let your child dive into this world of discovering God’s word.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below and download the Bible App for Kids on your mobile devices for FREE.

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