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The Bible provides us with umpteen examples of people who prayed without ceasingright from Daniel, who prayed persistently, to Jesus, who prayed till His last breath. So, how can parents like you help your child(ren) cultivate a similar habit?


Thankfully, the Bible App for Kids has recreated several stories to explain the concept of prayer to your little one. Your child can touch the screen and watch Daniel kneel and pray three times a day, hear Ananias pray for healing, and much more! Let’s take a closer look at how this app can help your child understand the why, what, and how of prayer:

Why should I pray?

The Bible stories in this app will give your child more than one reason to pray. Let’s see how:

  • Prayer is comforting: The story A Voice in the Night will show your child how Hannah believed that prayer would help her bear a child. This will teach your kid that he or she can also find solace in prayer, just as Hannah did.
  • God heals through prayer: Your little one can tap the screen to watch Ananias pray for Paul’s vision to be restored in the story From Enemy to Friend. This will teach your son or daughter that prayer can bring healing.
  • God speaks through prayer: In Everybody’s Welcome, your child will see that God spoke to both Cornelius and Peter while they were praying. What’s more, he or she can tap the screen to watch their visions jump to life. This will encourage your child to pray so that he or she can hear God speak, too.
  • Prayer is powerful: In the story Fire From Heaven, your kid will see fire come down from Heaven as an answer to Elijah’s prayer. This will show your child that prayer can also reveal God’s power.
  • Prayer helps us grow in faith: Your little one can tap the screen and watch Daniel pray three times a day in A Roaring Rescue. Plus, he or she will learn that it was Daniel’s dedication to God that made him a powerful leader in Babylon and saved him from the lions. This will inspire your child to pray and grow in faith as Daniel did.


What can I pray about?

Does your child often wonder what he or she should pray about? These stories in the Bible App for Kids can help guide him or her:

  • Pray for miracles: The story Journeys for Jesus will show your child how Paul prayed for complete healing over the King of Malta. Moreover, your kid will watch the bread and fish multiply after Jesus gave thanks in prayer to the Father in The Big Picnic.


  • Pray for guidance: While reading the story In the Garden, your little one will be inspired to ask God for direction, when he or she watches Jesus pray to the Father in the Garden of Gethsemane.
  • Pray for blessings over others: Ruth’s story, Wherever You Go, will show your child how Boaz prayed for Ruth to be blessed. This will encourage your child to ask God to bless others in his or her own life, too.
  • Pray for strength: In the story A Hairy Tale, your child will learn that Samson asked God to make him strong one last time so that he could defeat the Philistines. This will teach your son or daughter to pray for strength to overcome difficult circumstances.

How to pray?

The Bible App for Kids has simplified the Lord’s Prayer for kids aged 2-8 years, in the story The King and the Kingdom. In fact, your child can learn the Lord’s Prayer in five easy-to-remember lines.

The app’s animation will also allow your kid to observe how different biblical characters, including Daniel and Paul, prayed to God. He or she will watch them pray with their heads bowed, hands folded, and eyes closed. While there is no fixed rule about the manner in which we should pray, these demonstrations will certainly motivate your child to start his or her prayerful journey with Jesus.

This app is packed with features like touch-screen animation and dynamic narration that will teach your child about prayer in the most engaging fashion! Is there a better way for your child to learn how to talk to God?

The Bible App for Kids provides an opportunity for your child to explore different biblical truths by letting him or her to engage with God’s word. So, why not give your child the opportunity to experience the Word like never before?

Click the button below and download the Bible App for Kids right away!

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