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Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem was not only a momentous day for the people during that period, but also for us today! In fact, we continue to remember this day by celebrating Palm Sunday every year.

However, do your kids know the significance of this day? If they do, amen! If they don’t, this story in the Bible App for Kids will help them grasp the true meaning of Palm Sunday. Let’s take a look!


Story: The Donkey and The Kingpalm-sunday-story-kids
Theme: The triumphal entry
Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11; John 12:16-19; Luke 19:36-40

This story reenacts the day when Jesus, the King of Kings, entered Jerusalem. Your child will join in the celebration as he or she watches Jesus go through the city and hears the townsfolk praise Him! In the course of the story, your son or daughter will also learn these valuable lessons about Palm Sunday:

  • Your child will see that Jesus chose to enter Jerusalem on a donkey. Moreover, he or she will go on to learn that Jesus did this to fulfill what was written in the scriptures. This will teach your child that God’s word is always true.


  • That’s not all! By watching Jesus ride on a donkey, your child will learn that God chose to remain humble even though He was the Lord of lords! This will encourage your little one to walk in humility as well.
  • Your child will also see that the people covered Jesus’ path with their cloaks and palm branches to honour Him. What’s more, he or she will hear the townsfolk shout “Hosanna!” and bless His name. This will show your child that the people knew that their much-awaited Messiah had finally arrived!


  • Your kid will also notice that Jesus was welcomed by ordinary people, not kings or queens. This will reiterate to your child that Jesus came to serve the common man.
  • Your little one will also hear the Pharisee grumble and ask Jesus to control the crowd. To this Jesus replies, “Even if they stopped, the stones would still praise Me!” This will show your child that Jesus is worthy of all the glory and praise! As a result, he or she will be encouraged to worship Jesus with the same attitude.


Here are a few questions for your son or daughter to reflect on after he or she reads The Donkey and The King:

  1. Why did Jesus ride on a donkey?
  2. Who was unhappy with Jesus?
  3. How did people honour Jesus in this story?
  4. How can you honour Him?

This story of celebration truly comes alive in the Bible App for Kids! In fact, this app has recreated over 40+ Bible stories in an engaging way. Right from the creation story to the Second Coming, this interactive app revisits key Bible stories to help your child start strong in God’s word.

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