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It’s no surprise that today’s children love mobile apps. In fact, kids can spend up to 3 hours on mobile apps every day! The right apps can open up a brand new world of learning and creativity for your child. On the other hand, “many apps marketed as ‘educational’ are basically the equivalent of sugary foods,” says Kathy Hirsh-Pasek from Temple University.

How can parents like you ensure that your child is exposed to apps that are appropriate and truly beneficial for him or her? Asking the right questions before downloading any app for your child is a great place to start!


We have highlighted five essential questions that every parent must ask before allowing his or her child access to an app. We hope that these questions help you identify the best apps for your little one:

1. Does the app actively engage my child?

Did you know that our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text? What’s more, 85% of what we learn is by listening alone!

Given these statistics, it’s safe to say that children learn best when they are fully engaged. Therefore, it is key for parents to look for apps that will engage their kids in multiple ways. For example, touch-screen animations not only improve a kid’s hand-eye coordination, but also encourage him or her to explore the various elements on the screen.

In fact, the Bible App for Kids uses touch-activated animation, rich visuals, lively narration and dynamic sounds effects to engage a child’s sense of touch, sight, and sound. What’s more, this app also includes exciting activities such as Story Mixup, which requires kids to touch, drag, and arrange story-related images in a meaningful order. Is your child using apps that engage him or her in different ways?

2. Does the app use guided exploration to help my child explore new information at his or her own pace?

Apps that simply tell children what to do don’t really give them a chance to think and make their own choices. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose apps that will prompt your child to explore new information on his or her own terms.

For example, the Bible App for Kids lays out over 40 Bible stories in an interactive map, making it easy for children to navigate the app. In addition, kids can either choose to read the different stories by themselves or have them read out.

Moreover, the app features blinking green dots as prompters to encourage curious minds to tap and explore the different elements on the screen. Is there a better way for your child to explore God’s word at his or her own pace?

3. Does the app contribute to my child’s all-round development?

Active play, social interaction, and imagination play a critical role in a child’s development. Therefore, a good learning app for kids should encourage children to explore the world beyond the app.

That’s why the Bible App for Kids features additional resources like video episodes, colouring sheets, and Adventure Books to help your child practise the lessons learnt from the different stories. The Adventure Books, for example, are loaded with creative games and fun-filled activities to help your child really soak in the lessons learnt.

Moreover, parent guides for the different stories will encourage the entire family to come together and help your child discover more about the Bible. Do the apps used by your child encourage social interaction and active play?

4. What are other parents saying about the app?

It is a good practise to read reviews of apps by fellow parents. These reviews paint a more realistic picture of what certain apps actually offer.

With 14 million downloads in 3 years, it’s safe to say that the Bible App for Kids has become a favourite of families around the world! In fact, one of the parents even said, “This is by far the best children’s Bible. The graphics and interface are great, and the stories are well written for children. The app even links to YouVersion Bible app.” You can take a look at what other parents are saying about the Bible App for Kids here.

5. Is the app designed by a trusted source?

What happens when a children’s app is designed by people who don’t understand kids? The app ends up being a hazard! In fact, many kids’ apps out there incorporate frightening imagery and violence that can disrupt a child’s mind.

Therefore, it is key to download apps that are created by trusted brands. For example, the Bible App for Kids has been designed by two organisations – YouVersion (the makers of the best-selling Bible App) and OneHope (a global children’s ministry) – that hold children very close to their hearts. Their sole intention is to make kids all over the world fall in love with God’s word – through this app!

What are some other ways in which parents can ensure that their kids are exposed to apps that benefit them?

Here’s one app that will certainly benefit your child – the Bible App for Kids! This app will take your child on a journey right from Genesis to Revelation and help him or her discover biblical truths along the way! Now, isn’t that what every Christian parent wants for his or her child?

So, download the Bible App for Kids and let your child fall in with God’s word. Click the button below and get this FREE app today!

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