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The life of Jesus in the Bible not only shows us how to live in a manner that pleases God, but also tells us a lot about God’s heart and attributes. The Bible App for Kids has now made it possible for parents to introduce their kids to Jesus from an early age. Yes, that’s right! With the Bible App for Kids at hand, introducing your little one to Jesus will be a fun and interactive exercise.


Today, we are going to explore how the Bible App for Kids will help your child spend an evening with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Let’s take a look at what this app’s story In the Garden has in store for your kid.

Story: In the Garden
Theme: Jesus is arrestedgarden-gethsemane-kids
Scripture: Matthew 26:31-75; John 18:1-8

In the Garden is a simple, yet powerful retelling of the hours leading up to Jesus’ arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane. Here are six important lessons that this story will teach your child:

1. Jesus was fully human:

This story is replete with examples of Jesus’ humanity. In the course of this story, your child will learn that Jesus experienced the same disappointments, sadness, and distress that we all feel. In fact, your kid can tap the screen to hear Jesus sigh and shake His head in dismay.

This will help your son or daughter realise that Jesus knows exactly what he or she goes through in difficult or troubled times – because He went through the same emotions, temptations, and trials.


2. Strength comes from God, not from people:

As your child goes through the story, he or she will see how Jesus turned to His heavenly Father for strength and help in His moments of despair. Your kid will see Jesus fall to the ground and pray with all His heart and strength. By watching this, your little one will also be encouraged to pray with sincerity.

Your child will also notice how Jesus’ disciples repeatedly let Him down by falling off to sleep and then abandoning Him. This will help your little one realise that he or she should turn to God for strength and help, instead of looking to other people.


3. Let God’s will be done:

A prominent theme in this story is that of Jesus submitting to God’s will even though Christ, in His humanity, did not want to suffer and die. Your kid will see that though Jesus pleaded with God to take the cup away, He willingly submitted to the Father’s will.


Moreover, when your child will tap the screen and see the blood and sweat pour out from Jesus’ brow, he or she will realise that this was an incredibly difficult time for Jesus. This will teach your son or daughter to obey God even when it is hard.

4. People may disappoint and betray, but God doesn’t:

The story In the Garden will also give your child a glimpse of how fickle human nature is. He or she will watch the disciples give in to sleep when Jesus asked them to pray with Him.

As the story progresses, your child will see how Peter insisted that he would never abandon Jesus, yet denied Him thrice. Moreover, your child can tap the screen to watch Judas walk up to Jesus, kiss Him, and betray Him to the Roman soldiers.


At this point, you can help your child understand that God is completely unlike people. He does not abandon or forsake us. In fact, He always keeps His promises – no matter what!

5. Jesus is all powerful, yet humble:

Your child will see that when the soldiers come to arrest Jesus in this story, they first fall down in awe. This will help your child grasp the power and awe-inspiring nature of Jesus. However, your child will also see that Jesus humbled Himself to fulfill God’s purpose and surrendered without resistance.  


You can explain to your child that Jesus could have called legions of angels to combat the Roman soldiers. Instead, He willingly got arrested because He was acting in humility and obedience. This will encourage your child to walk in humility, just as Jesus did.

6. Jesus suffered for us:

This story will help your child realise that Jesus suffered for him or her. The interactive features of this story capture the anguish and sacrifice of Jesus in a life-like way. Your child will certainly feel great love and compassion towards Jesus and His great sacrifice for us.

The arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane is a difficult and heart-rending section of the Bible. However, the Bible App for Kids has recreated this story in an interactive and impactful way to ensure that your child understands the significance of the events that took place before Jesus’ death.

So parents, don’t wait! Download this app and help your child learn about Jesus and His great love for us in an unforgettable way. Click the button below to get this app today!

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