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Wouldn’t it be great if your child could walk along with Jesus and witness all the marvellous things that He has done? Well, here’s some great news for your kid! He or she can now be a part of Jesus’ journeys through the interactive stories in the Bible App for Kids.

This app has recreated key events from Jesus’ life, right from His birth to His resurrection. Your child can now journey with Jesus through these stories and learn life-changing lessons in the process. Let’s take a look at what your child will learn from seven different stories in the Bible App for Kids.

1. Story: The First Christmas Giftbible-stories-jesus-kids
Theme: Jesus was born
Scripture: Luke 1:26-38; 2:1-20; Matthew 1:18-25

This story will give your child the opportunity to join in the celebration of Jesus’ birth. Let’s see how:

  • This story will reveal to your child that God can use angels as messengers. Your child can tap the screen to see Mary jump at the sight of the angel, watch an angel speak to Joseph in a dream, and hear the angel announce the birth of Jesus to the shepherds.



  • More importantly, this story will help your little one will grasp that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. This will teach your child that even though Jesus was human, He was also God.

2. Story: The Beloved Sonbible-stories-jesus-kids
Theme: Jesus is baptized
Scripture: Matthew 3:1-3, 13-17; Luke 3:15-16; John 1:29; Malachi 3:1

This story recreates one of the most significant moments in Jesus’ life – His baptism. Let’s dig a little deeper:

  • Your child will hear John say, “Turn from the bad things you have done. Be baptized.” This will teach him or her that baptism is symbolic of washing away one’s sins and accepting Christ as one’s saviour.
  • In addition, your little one can see the Holy Spirit descend like a dove and hear the Father declare that He is pleased with His son. At this point, you can introduce the key concept of the Trinity to your kid.


3. Story: A Test in the Desertbible-stories-jesus-kids
Theme: Jesus is tempted
Scripture: Matthew 4:1-11

In this story, your child will walk with Jesus in the desert and watch how He defeated Satan. Here are some valuable lessons that your child will learn from this story:

  • Your child will see that Satan attacked Jesus when He was tired and hungry after fasting for 40 days. This will show your child that the devil strikes in our weakest moments and motivate him or her stay on guard at all times.
  • However, your child will watch Jesus counter Satan’s attempts by quoting Bible verses. This will not only teach your little one that God’s word is powerful, but also inspire him or her to depend on it for strength.


4. Story: The King and the Kingdombible-stories-jesus-kids
Theme: The Sermon on the Mount
Scripture: Matthew 4:23-7:29; John 18:36-37

Soon, your child will join the large gathering and witness the Sermon on the Mount. Take a look at these pearls of wisdom your child will hear in this story:

  • This story will introduce your child to a simplified version of the Lord’s Prayer and teach him or her how to pray.
  • Moreover, your kid will witness the parable of the men who built their houses on the rock and sand respectively. He or she can tap the screen to see the house on the rock stand firm, but the one built on sand collapse in the storm. This will teach your child that obeying God’s word is like building a house on solid ground.


5. Story: Time to Get Upbible-stories-jesus-kids
Theme: Jesus heals a girl
Scripture: Luke 8:40-42, 49-56

Your child will then head to Jairus’s house and watch Jesus revive his daughter. Let’s take a look:

  • Your child will hear Jesus say, “Believe, and your daughter will be healed.” This will teach your son or daughter to believe that Jesus can heal us.
  • In fact, your child can touch the screen to watch Jesus walk up to the little girl, hold her hand, and command her to stand up! Not only will your kid see the girl come back to life, but also see her jump with joy. This will show your child that nothing is impossible for God.


6. Story: In the Gardenbible-stories-jesus-kids
Theme: Jesus is arrested
Scripture: Matthew 26:31-75; John 18:1-8

This story will allow your child to watch Jesus as He prepares Himself for the cross. Here are a few lessons that your child will learn from this story:

  • Your child will hear Jesus tell Peter about his betrayal. This will show your child that God is aware of our actions even beforehand. As a result, your child will understand that ours is an all-knowing God.
  • Moreover, your child can tap the screen to see Jesus plead with God to take the cup away from Him and watch the blood and sweat pour out from his brow. This will show your kid that Jesus chose to fulfill His Father’s purpose even though it was a painful experience for Him.


7. Story: It Is Finishedteach-child-cross-story
Theme: The Cross
Scripture: John 18:28-19:42; Luke 23:34-35

This final story recreates how God sacrificed His only Son to save us. Here’s what your child will learn by watching the final chapter in Jesus’ life:

  • Your child will hear Jesus say, “Forgive them, Father.” This will teach your kid to be more forgiving towards others.


  • By watching Jesus make the ultimate sacrifice for all our sins, your kid will learn that God loves him or her unconditionally. This lesson is bound to have a life-changing effect on your child.

That’s not all – the Bible App for Kids will also let your child see Jesus heal people, hear Him teach about love, see the risen Jesus spend time with His disciples, and watch Him ascend to heaven.

So parents, why wait? Download the Bible App for Kids today and let your little one spend time with Jesus in a brand new way!

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