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The Bible tells us about the many promises that our great God has made and fulfilled over time. Right from His promises to Abraham, to His promise to leave us with the Helper and Comforter. However, God saved the best for last when He revealed His promise to John in the Book of Revelation.

Wouldn’t it be great if your child could relive the God-given vision that John saw? Well, the Bible App for Kids has recreated John’s vision to show your child a glimpse of God’s eternal promise! Let’s take a look at how this app’s story unfolds the greatest promise of all:


Story: A Forever Promisebible-stories-gods-promise
Theme: The new heaven and new earth
Scripture: Revelation 1:17-18; 21:1-7

The app’s touch-screen animation is sure to give your child an immersive experience of reading this hope-filled story. Not only will your little one see the new Heaven and new Earth, but also watch what living in God’s new creation will be like. In the process, your child will learn a great deal about God’s attributes and His promises.

Let’s explore how this app’s interactive features make the story A Forever Promise come alive:

Your child will hear God speak:

The app gives your child the experience of listening to God speak to John. Here are a few things that the your child will learn by listening to God’s voice in the story A Forever Promise:

  • One of the first things your kid will learn from this story is that God can communicate to us through visions, just as He spoke to John.
  • Your little one will also realise that ours is a living God, who defeated death forever, when he or she hears God say, “I died. Now I live forever.”


  • Your kid will hear God say “From now on, God will make His home among His people.” This will help your child understand that God desires a personal relationship with us.
  • As the story continues, he or she will learn that God has promised His children a future with no pain and sorrow. This will help your child understand that God has planned a glorious future for him or her.
  • Your little one will also learn that our God is sovereign and omnipresent when he or she hears Him say, “I am the Beginning and the End.”
  • Your kid will hear God say that the beautiful future He has planned is for those who remain faithful to Him. This will encourage your kid to remain steadfast in his or her walk with God.


Your child will see God’s new creation:

Did you know that our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text? Well, this story’s rich imagery is sure to captivate your child. So, let’s take a look at what this story’s visual treats will teach your child:

  • Your little one will see the new Heaven, the new Earth, and God’s Holy City – the new Jerusalem – spring to life! In fact, he or she can also tap the screen to see angels present the city to John. This will show your little one that God is the maker of all things.


  • Moreover, your child will realise that the image of the new Earth looks completely different from the world we live in. This will help your kid understand that God will make everything new.
  • Your child can tap the screen to see John gasp in awe as he listens to God. This will reveal the awe-inspiring nature of God to your kid.
  • As the story continues, your child can touch the characters and see them rejoice, giggle, and have fun on the new Earth. This will help your child visualise a place that is full of joy and happiness.

This story has many interactive elements that are waiting to be unearthed by your child. So, download the app right away and let your kid watch God’s eternal promise spring to life.

The Bible App for kids presents over 40 interactive Bible stories, right from the Book of Genesis to Revelation. Each of these stories will help your little one discover biblical truths and fall in love with God’s word! Parents, isn’t that what you want for your child?

Download the Bible App for Kids for FREE and let your child unearth precious biblical treasures. Click the button below to get the app.

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