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Kids are curious by default! In fact, it is this inquisitive nature that helps them grasp and make sense of things around them. However, it can get tough for parents to keep up with all the whys, hows, and whats!

The invisibility and mystery of God makes Him a subject of much curiosity among kids. So, how can parents address the many questions that kids have about God, Jesus, and the Bible? The Bible App for Kids is a handy tool that introduces children to God and the Bible by recreating over 40 Bible stories. In the process, this app answers some of the common questions that kids have about God.


Today, we’ll see how the stories in this app will help parents like you address five common questions that kids ask about God.

1. Why did God make us?

The app’s first story, In the Beginning, will take your child through the first seven days of creation. In the course of this interactive Genesis story, he or she will see the darkness turn to light, hear the unique sounds of different animals and birds, and learn that God made all people in His image. More importantly, your kid will understand that God made us because He loves us and wants to have a relationship with us.


In addition, your son or daughter will understand that God made us to take charge of the world and care for all the plants and animals in it. By the end of this story, your child will know that he or she is fearfully and wonderfully made.

2. Does God have a family?

This question presents the perfect opportunity for you to introduce the Trinity to your child. In fact, the Bible App for Kids will simplify the concept of the triune God for your child through its stories.

For example, in The Beloved Son, your child will hear the Father declare His love for His son, Jesus, and watch the Holy Spirit descend in the form of a dove. Moreover, your kid will hear Jesus say, “Baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” in the story Into the Clouds. This will help your son or daughter understand that three divine entities make up the Godhead.


That’s not all! The different stories in the app will also help your child understand the nature and attributes of these three entities. For instance, the story God’s Wonderful Gift will teach your kid that the Holy Spirit lives inside those who believe in Jesus and helps them live like Him.

In the Garden, on the other hand, will show your kid how Jesus prayed to the Father and asked Him for direction. This will help your kid realise that Jesus and the Father share a close relationship. You can also read more about how this app simplifies the concept of the Trinity for kids.

3. Where does God live?

Your child will learn a great deal while journeying with Jesus in the app’s stories. One of the things he or she will learn is that God resides in Heaven and in us. For example, the story of Jesus’ ascension, Into the Clouds, will help your child understand that God lives in Heaven. However, the story God’s Wonderful Gift will also teach your kid that Jesus hasn’t left us alone, but has sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in us as our guide, comforter, and helper.

You can also tell your child that Jesus will come back for those who love Him, and we will dwell with Him forever. The story, God’s Forever Promise, will offer your little one a glimpse of the new creation where there will be no tears or sadness.


4. Does God speak to us?

The different stories in the app will help your kid will learn that God speaks to us in many ways. Your child will watch God appear in a burning bush to Moses in A Baby and A Bush, and in dreams to Joseph in The Dreamer.

Your kid will also learn that God can speak through visions, when he or she sees God speak to Peter and Cornelius in the story Everybody’s Welcome.


Your little one will also realise that God can use angels and other people as messengers. He or she will see an angel visit Samson’s mother before his birth, hear Gabriel tell Mary that she will give birth to the Messiah, and watch God use Elijah and Ezra as His messengers.

Moreover, in the story A Voice in the Night, your kid will hear Eli tell Samuel to ask God to speak to him, in order to hear His voice carefully. This will encourage your child to ask God to speak to him or her, too.

5. Can God hear me?

This app is loaded with stories and examples of God answering His people’s prayers. Your kid will witness God send down fire as an answer to Elijah’s request in the story Fire from Heaven. He or she will also watch God send an angel to shut the lions’ mouths when Daniel cried out to Him in A Roaring Rescue.


Moreover, your child will watch Jesus answer Jairus’ prayer and heal his daughter in the story Time to Get Up. In fact, he or she can touch the screen and watch the healed girl jump with joy! In fact, this app has many more examples that will show your child that God hears us when we call out to him!

The Bible App for Kids is designed to make children fall in love with God’s word. The interactive elements, simple yet engaging content, and top-notch animations and sound effects will help your kid know more about God. Parents, is there a better way to introduce your little one to God and the Bible?

Get this app and help your child explore the Word in a brand new way! Click the button below to get Bible App for Kids today.

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